Larion Razoran is a one-in-a-billion mind descended from generations of scientists. A lab geek born in a lawless world, Larion seeks both to forge a better life for his people, but also to settle a generation’s old score. To accomplish his work on a new source of incredible power, Larion has sequestered himself and his family in a far-off corner of the world. Such great projects, however, cannot avoid notice for long, and Larion discovers that he can run, but he surely cannot hide.


Serai, 17, is the elder of Larion and Viora’s two children. Growing up with little or no supervision, Serai turned her inherited brains towards exploring the world she lives in, ending up a rough-and-tumble tomboy devoted to hunting, climbing, eavesdropping, and guile. Hearing the tales of the traders who supply their outpost, Serai longs to interact with the various other Houses and even the alien cultures that voyage, fight, and generally exist on the vast world of which she has seen so little.



Growing up after the roguishness of his sister was well known by his parents, Zendair, 14, received a great deal more of their overbearing attention. As a result, he has followed down the scholarly path blazed by his paragonal parents, though, secretly, he spends much of his time studying the legends and myths of the various peoples of Galun and its moons. Filled with half truths of mercenaries, pirates, and monsters, Zendair can’t wait to escape the confines of the Outpost and join the ranks of the larger-than-life heroes to make his own indelible mark.



Viora Razoran is an engineer who views her work as not only functional, but as an artistic expression. Through their special bond, Viora is the most capable of translating Larion’s unique vision into physical reality. Viora utilizes creation in defiance of the harshness of the world she lives in, and sees the birth of her children, her and Larions greatest collaboration, in the same light.


Razorian Family



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Holodeck Collaborators

Holodeck Collaborators