Nathan Burba
MFA Interactive Media at USC, Class of 2014

Nathan is a game developer, author, researcher and entrepreneur. In December 2011 he published his first book: Cocos2d for iPhone 1 Game Development Cookbook. From August 2011 to May 2012 he was a research assistant for the USC Institute for Creative Technologies Mixed Reality Lab.

James Iliff
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2013
James is a virtual reality enthusiast, filmmaker, techie, and cinefile. In addition to managing Project Holodeck, he blogs about VR, cinema, and tech on his personal site   He recently worked on the community team at Insomniac Games. Tweet him @jimbo2go



Lead Developer
Alexander Silkin
BS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Alex is a software engineer who loves video games and all things related to computers. He is particularly enthusiastic about natural user interfaces and has enjoyed opportunities working at USC Information Science Institute and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory with technologies like Kinect and SmartGlass. Over the summer, he also had a lot of fun learning about native programming on the Windows Phone 8 platform at Microsoft.

Graham Matuszewski
BS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Graham is a prolific mathematics genius with a penchant for getting a number of strange and multifaceted hardware peripherals to communicate in real-time over a network, and is currently doing just that on Project Holodeck. He’s developed Android and Facebook games, worked with Twitter, Paypal, and Google Maps APIs, juggled database servers, game servers, development servers, and has coded numerous websites from scratch (both front and back end).

Ajinkya Waghulde,
MS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Ajinkya is a game developer and researcher at USC. He is a research associate at Information Sciences Institute on the Pedagogical Games project. Also is the Lead Programmer for a serious game developed for the U.S department of Energy. Currently working on animations and player movements on Project Holodeck.


Chao Huang
MS Computer Science at USC, Class of 2013
Chao is a game development enthusiast. In addition to Project Holodeck, he also experienced in several other game projects in multiple game platforms. Mobile game development is his favorite, he’s gonna publish two of his mobile games — TrickLab, ZombieSC on the App Store at the end of 2012.



Kyle Hsiang Liu
BS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Kyle is a software engineer, game developer, avid gamer, athlete, and techie. He has recently interned at the Brotherhood Crusade in Los Angeles developing and deploying a internal web-database. He was also the acting IT manager at Brotherhood Crusade. He is currently a part of the game play, networking and hardware teams for Project Holodeck.


Brehon Humphrey

Somya Sharma
MS Computer Science at USC, Class of 2013
Somya is working on optical tracking for Holodeck. Her main areas of interest are Physics-based Computer Animation, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. She is currently also working with Prof. Jernej Barbič, in the field of Physics-based Animation. Her portfolio can be found at



Ritika Singh
MS Computer Science – Games at USC, Class of 2013
Ritika is a programmer who loves game design as much as the programming part. Currently a research assistant at the Sanger Lab at USC Department of Biomedical Engineering where she is developing games for children with movement disabilities. Previously she was Team Lead for Memory Mania a game developed for In her free time she loves baking and dancing :)



Sean Stathatos
BS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Sean is a software engineer who is interested in way too many things. He spends his free time playing games and making small prototypes for future games (most of which never see the light of day). He is currently working on the AI for Wild Skies.



Spencer Gold
BS Computer Science (Games) at USC, Class of 2013
Spencer is a programmer who spends his free time playing video games and captaining USC’s full-contact
Quidditch team. He’s interested in exploring all types of emerging video game technologies and interfaces.





Jake Green
BS Mechanical Engineering at USC, Class of 2014
Jake is an enthusiast in the field of interactive media, business, cinema, and engineering. His passion for creative outlets drives his work and gives him a unique perspective on life. His philosophy is that “life is so full of wonder and opportunities. You just have to decide what you want your life to be and pursue it mercilessly.

Josh Kim

Stephen Lee
BS Electrical Engineering at USC, Class of 2015
Stephen is a electrical engineer with a passion toward game, technology, film and design. He recently interned at Asian Pacific Microsystem Inc working on different MEMS projects. He currently works in the hardware team for Project Holodeck.



Rex Zeng
BS Electrical Engineering, Class of 2015
Rex studied in building circuits and computers in Electrical Engineering program. He is interested in designing logic circuits and is a fast learner in EE field. He likes to help people find solutions to work and life.

Aakash Doshi




Lead Designer
Raghav Bashyal
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2014
Raghav is a game designer interested in discovering new types of experiences and creating compelling moments. His extracurricular work includes organizing game jams and festivals with IndieCade and MEGA (USC’s Game Dev Club). Between August 2012 and May 2013, he produced 14 games and over 30 events. Tweet him @raghaaav

Scott Gowin
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2013
Scott is a game designer, visual artist and actor interested with a passion for game design, comics, television, cinema, literature, music and new venues of interactive media. Scott aims to expand and innovate in new areas of interactivity and is constantly fascinated with pushing the boundaries of conventions and expectations.


John “Jack” Albert Tate
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2013
Jack is a designer, writer, and producer in several online story development projects, and is currently spearheading an online Interactive Comic project called Rebuild Empyrean at Never seen without his Bowler Derby, Jack focuses on story, world, and mechanic integration through play and artistic elements to maximize immersion in a game.



Baldur Tangvald
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2015
Baldur is a game designer that focuses on player-centric design and player-to-player interactions. Recently, he has been assisting Heather Desurvire both in her Usability Testing course and in her research outside of school, and has been co-leading testing sessions for a Master’s Thesis, Paralect. Baldur’s passions expand many areas: films, games, romance, parkour, poetry, and photography (just to name a few).


Colleen Dimmer
BA Interactive Entertainment at USC, Class of 2015
Colleen’s aspiration lies in designing and producing games! She primarily works in Unity, and has interest in working on VR, Indie, and Artistic game titles. She has interned with Psychic Bunny, and the Independent Games Festival, IndieCade. In her spare time Colleen enjoys playing MMORPGs, baking delicious treats, dancing classical ballet, and researching sub-cultures, which has resulted in a strong drive to create games with rich user driven communities and spaces!

Michael Kane
Michael Kane, Interactive Entertainment, Class of 2010

Michael is a jack-of-all trades game developer currently working as the lead engineer for X4 Games in Santa Monica.  Used to working in small teams with a variety of responsibilities, Mike uses a diverse skill set to help build games on a limited budget, in unusual circumstances, and without compromising quality.  As a student of ancient history, mysticism, and martial arts, Mike has the most fun when he’s taking emotional, abstract concepts from life and turning them into tangible, focused experiences.



Art Director
Chris Yanson,
Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at USC, Class of 2012
Chris studied illustration at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts. He later worked as a freelance illustrator, concept designer, and storyboard artist for several years in Los Angeles, creating artwork featured in film, animation, album covers, and other media.

Zheng ‘Ciki’ Zeng
MS Computer Science at USC, Class of 2013
Ciki is an artist and animator. A huge fan of gaming, she transferred from EE to CS in order to gain more experience with game design. She is interested in all things design and art. With a strong background in programming, she can convey artistic concepts to players in a more vivid and intelligent way.

Sarin Moradkhanian (LCAD)
Rolando Cruz-Taura (LCAD)
Sung Woo (LCAD)
Zoey Ikemoto (USC)

Kelly Ma
BA Fine Arts at USC, Class of 2013
Kelly is a concept artist, freelance illustrator, and graphic
designer. In her spare time, she dabbles in world-building and writing short
stories. Her philosophy regarding her work is to always be open to all avenues
of possibility and to approach every challenge as an opportunity for growth.

Kayla Carlisle (USC)
Neilson Koerner-Safrata (USC)

We also have classes of students at OTIS College of Art and Design and GNOMON School of Visual Effects who are collaborating with us, and we will post up biographies soon!




Lead Writer
Jon Singer
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, Class of 2013
Jon is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. He looks to utilize his technical knowledge to craft science fiction and fantasy worlds strengthened by ties to scientific reality. In addition, he has authored several works of contemplative fiction and scientific satire.

Alex Martinez
Alex Serret



Audio Director & Composer
Jeremy Tisser
Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television Program at USC, Class of 2012
Jeremy is among the new wave of Hollywood composers, combining the essence of emotion and storytelling through his music with the use and understanding of modern day technology. Originally from California, he has been mentored by such legendary composers and industry professionals as Christopher Young, Mark Watters, Inon Zur, Bruce Broughton, Garry Schyman, Steve Bernstein, Kenny Hall, and many more.

Dustin Painter

Larissa Schiavo
BA Film & Television Production, Class of 2015
Larissa relentlessly strives towards making the world a better sounding place for real and fictional universes. She has primarily worked as a sound designer and mixer on a number of thesis films, and her work has recently been chosen as a part of the USC Skywalker Sound Masterclass. When she’s not channeling her relentless energy into audio-related pursuits, Larissa loves to program synthesizers, work towards fluency in French and Portuguese, and (occasionally) attend class.



 Palmer Luckey
Founder of OculusVR, Founder of ModRetro
Palmer is a technology enthusiast, writer, modder, and the founder of OculusVR. Previously he developed state-of-the-art head-mounted displays at the Institute for Creative Technologies Mixed Reality Lab.  Currently he is launching his Oculus Rift HMD with John Carmack and numerous other supporters on Kickstarter.



Perry Hoberman
Installation Artist and Associate Research Professor at USC School of Cinematic Arts
Perry is an installation and performance artist whose work employs a variety of technologies, ranging from totally obsolete to state-of-the-art. His work has been exhibited and performed widely throughout the United States and Europe, and focuses on the interactive nature of people and technology; Bar Code Hotel and Systems Maintenance are two exhibitions that demonstrate this aspect.  A Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and Rockefeller Media Arts Fellow, he is currently teaching at the Interactive Media Division at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. Perry is the creator and lead programmer of Stereoskopix FOV2GO for Unity.

Joe Garlington
Vice President of Interactive Projects at Walt Disney Imagineering
Joe is responsible for the development of all interactive attractions for Disney theme parks around the world.  He has overseen the creation and development of such attractions as CyberSpace Mountain, Virtual Jungle Cruise, Ride the Comix, and Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, and most recently executive produced Turtle Talk with Crush, a brand new interactive experience that debuted at Epcot at Walt Disney World.

Richard Rouse III
Senior Game Designer, Microsoft
Richard is currently Senior Game Designer at Microsoft, working on super cool secret projects with super cool developers. He’s is the designer of The Suffering games, and wrote the book Game Design: Theory & Practice. He has also written magazines such as Game Developer, Develop, and Siggraph Computer Graphics, and spoken at GDC and E3.


More to Come!
We have upwards of forty students currently on our team, and more soon to hop on board with us! This page will be updated as soon as we get more bio information in :)



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Holodeck Collaborators

Holodeck Collaborators